Article 1: Order of Business at the General Assembly

The order of business at the General Assembly shall include the following:

  1. The meeting shall be opened by the President
  2. Approval of the minutes of the previous General Assembly
  3. Report of the President
  4. Report of the Secretary General
  5. Report of the Treasurer
  6. Report of the Auditors
  7. Decision on annual dues and approval of budget
  8. Amendments of the Constitution
  9. Election of members of the Executive Committee
  10. Appointment of Auditors
  11. Approve venues of future meetings of the General Assembly of IADDM at least for the upcoming two meetings
  12. Approve venues and the responsible organisation of future meetings of IADDM
  13. Any other business
Article 2: Responsibilities and Duties of the Executive Commitee
  1. The President shall lead IADDM and preside over the General Assembly and meetings of the Executive Committee.
    He/she shall report on the current state of IADDM to the General Assembly.
    He/she shall decide on questions of order and, after consultation with the other officers, shall be empowered to act on behalf of IADDM. Signing of contracts requires his/her signature and the signature of the Secretary General. Any such actions shall be reported to the next meeting of the Executive Committee.
    He/she has the deciding vote.
  2. The President-elect and the Vice-President or Immediate Past President shall be kept informed on all business. The Immediate Past President shall assume the duties of President in his/her absence or if requested to do so by the President or Executive Committee. Either the President-elect or the Immediate Past President may act as deputy to the President.
  3. The Secretary General shall serve as secretary of the General Assembly and of the Executive Committee and advise the President. He/she shall prepare all official minutes; maintain a list of members of IADDM and their representatives; make annual reports to the Executive Committee and General Assembly; assist with and co-ordinate the preparation and organisation of the annual General Assembly meeting, the meetings of the Executive Committee and the committee meetings.

    It is the responsibility of the Secretary General to:
    • Perform such other duties relevant to the objectives of IADDM as may be determined by the Executive Committee
    • Serve as the executive head of the Central Office and all of its branches and provide for the maintenance of the Central Office and all of its branches
    • Co-ordinate the activities of all committees, councils, administrative boards, standing committees and other IADDM component groups
    • Mail notices pertaining to all sessions of IADDM, annual or special to the appropriate members.
    • in addition, he or she shall serve as custodian of all monies, securities and other financial assets of IADDM, prepare an annual budget of IADDM's income and expenditure; submit the financial records of IADDM to the auditors; report annually to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly. Such reports should be circulated in advance. Collect membership fees and dues with an annual list of paid-up members of IADDM.

  4. Auditors shall be independent of the Secretary General, are not members of the Executive Committee, nor are members of the Executive Committee eligible to be Auditors.
  5. The Counselors undertake such functions as delegated to them by the Executive Committee.
  6. Powers and Duties
    The Executive Committee shall direct and organise the activities of IADDM, execute the decisions reached by the General Assembly and monitor the finances of IADDM. It shall appoint the Secretary General, subject to the agreement of the General Assembly.
  7. Sessions of the Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year and may also meet at the request of three members of the Executive Committee. As an international organization in order to practice economical and efficient business behaviour, telephone conferences (e.g. by SKYPE) are considered a meeting. Furthermore, the members of the executive committee are requested to perform as much business as possible by e-mail.
  8. Order of Business
    The Order of Business for a session of the Executive Committee shall include the following:
    1. The meeting shall be opened by the President
    2. Approval of minutes of the previous session
    3. Reports of the President, General Secretary, and Editor
    4. Reports of the committees
    5. Nominations for elections
    6. Approval of Officers for recommendation to the General Assembly
    7. Arrangements for future meetings of IADDM
    8. Unfinished and new business.

Decisions shall be made by simple majority vote, except where otherwise stated in the Constitution.

Freiburg, July 23, 2014

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