Alexander Baldinger

Borne 1946.

Education: 1965 Matura Typ A, Lyceum Zurich Language Diploma. 1969 Commercial School Zurich Diploma. 1972 Chartered Accountant Diploma. 1973 Frankfurter Internal Audit School with Diploma. Zürich Business Administration School and St. Gallen University Post Graduate Trainings of Business Administration and Leadershipskills.1987 University Vienna Post Graduate Management class in Economics – and Governance. 1998 Executive Business School, St. Gallen.1999-2000 Swiss Banking School (Diploma) 1972 Maus Group Geneva Auditor Head of accounting, CFO.1988-2001 Nomura Bank Switzerland, Member of Executive Management and CEO. 2002 Independent consultant to companies in Switzerland and Europe.

Alexander Baldinger is married and one child.