Mission of IADDM

The aims and objectives of the IADDM are: To promote the advancement of digital dental medicine through:

  • Undergraduate education
  • Vocational postgraduate training
  • Continuing dental education

To foster convergence towards the highest standards in all facets of digital dental medicine throughout the dental community worldwide by:

  • Facilitating the exchange of expertise
  • Promoting innovation and research
  • Encouraging the sharing of resources
  • Promoting communication and co-operation among dental and medical professionals
  • Consulting members about digital dental medicine

To disseminate knowledge and understanding of digital dental medicine by:

  • The promotion of conferences and scientific meetings and publication of digital dental medicine research

Name and Legal Domicile

IADDM exists pursuant to Article 60 and seq of the Swiss Civil Code having its legal domicile in Zurich, Switzerland.

IADDM is a non-profit organization. If IADDM is dissolved at any time, no part of its funds or property may be distributed to, or among, its members; but, after payment of all indebtedness of this organization, its surplus funds and property will be used for Digital Dental Medicine education and research in such a manner as the then General Assembly of IADDM may determine.

Legal Notice

IADDM Office

International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine
Splügenstrasse 10,
8002 Zurich, Switzerland


How to reach us


If you have an interest in IADDM Membership, please visit our Application Form page, where you can start submitting your application for a membership