President’s Welcome

Dear friends and colleagues,

The unprecedented times impacted nearly every single aspect of our lives. Social distancing, health safety, wearing masks, aerosol infection control, distant learning, Zoom and tele dentistry are all examples of new terms and practices that have been anchored into our daily live. For our profession, we are adopting new regulations and guidelines that are changing the way we practice dentistry. This is simple the new normal. At the same time, many colleagues and schools all over the world have realized that digital technologies are more important than ever. While still debatable, the goal of digital dentistry is not anymore about being faster, better and cheaper, but also about streamlining the processes in order to reduce exposure and chair time as well as eliminate the risk of cross contamination. In the light of these new facts, schools and dental offices started to explore and integrate digital technologies as a main component in didactics and daily procedures. Here, our academy can play a leading role in disseminating state-of-the-art information about digital technologies and help to establish networks of collaboration and exchange among colleagues and institutions, helping thereby the community in better adapting to the new normal. After hard times, we will be having exciting times ahead!

As we are experiencing difficult times that impacted everything, it is hard to imagine how scientific gatherings will be feasible in the future. Not only social distancing is what is implanting our profession, but also uncertainties that prevent corporate partners, sponsors and speakers to support our academy. In the light of the current circumstances, the IADDM Board decided to move the 6th Annual meeting 2020 to 2021. The new date for the event will be September 24- 25, 2021 in Turin, Italy. Please save the date!

Prof. Dr. Wael Att President IADDM