November 13, 2015



It was simply a great start!

Dear colleagues,

The 1st Meeting of the International Academy of Digital Dental Medicine (IADDM) yielded an unprecedented success. With 13 world-class speakers from 8 countries and about 200 attendees from 4 continents, including Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia representing more than 15 countries, the meeting exceeded all expectations. Needless to say, the start of any new organization in today’s highly competitive world and economic situation is a challenge. Therefore, the unrestricted and generous support of all attendees as well as sponsors, which clearly contributed to the success of the meeting, is deeply appreciated. A warm acknowledgement goes to the impressive delegation from Japan and South Korea. Also, the assistance and support of Quintessence Publishing in the promotion and organization of this event is highly valued. Furthermore, a big thanks goes to all colleagues involved in the organization of this prestigious meeting as well as in this future-oriented academy.

It is one of the aims of IADDM to promote teamwork between the disciplines of dental medicine. The main title of the 1st meeting was ”Digital technology embraces teamwork in dentistry”. The one-day event encompassed a broad scientific program covering Radiology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Implant Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Function, Biomaterials and Dental Technology.

We thank again our speakers for the outstanding performance and we are sure that such a perfect start as well as the move of the next annual meeting to Asia (September 3rd and 4th, 2016 in Busan, South Korea) will give the Academy an additional international recognition.

See you next year!

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Carlo Marinello M.S., Program Chair

Dr. Dr. Bernd Stadlinger, Program Chair

Dear colleagues,

The exceptional line-up of the world-renowned speakers has contributed significantly to the success of the First Annual Meeting of IADDM. The scientific program was co-chaired by Carlo Marinello as well as Bernd Stadlinger and included keynote lectures covering various aspects related to digital dental medicine. Clearly, the speakers succeeded to demonstrate how digital dental medicine is opening new doors that will change the way we used to treat our patients. Reinhilde Jacobs focused in her presentation on the importance of contemporary 3D radiography in the analysis and diagnosis of different lesions. Obviously, cone beam CT has become an integral part of any contemporary dental practice. Peter Wöhrle showed how different diagnostic measures, including CBCT and optical scans, can be perfectly implemented via guided implant surgery and CAD/CAM technologies for securing predictable treatment outcomes in complex implant cases in the esthetic zone. Lyndon Cooper beautifully showed how tissue management and esthetics can easier to manage with the aid of contemporary digital technologies, including computer guided implant surgery and CAD/CAM fabrication of different restorations. Masao Yamazaki showed how his practice has been influenced throughout the years by the introduction of different digital technologies. He compared via presentation of different complex cases how they were treated in the past and how they are being treated by digital means today. In his clinically-oriented presentation, Roberto Spreafico showed how he made a switch from conventional restorative dentistry into digital restorative one. Perfectly-mastered cases that were exclusively fabricated by CAD/CAM technologies and finalized by his beautiful touchups clearly demonstrated that digital dental medicine can achieve highly esthetic and functional results.

The afternoon session began with Wael Att, who showed in a breathtaking presentation how different data obtained from various digital technologies can be used together to manage a complex implant case. His presentation clearly highlighted the advantages and limitations of contemporary digital technologies and how the future of dentistry will be vastly digital.

A specialist in biomechanics of the TMJ and orofacial pain, Luigi Gallo demonstrated the methods for visualizing and quantifying the movement of the temporo-mandibular joint based on tracking and magnetic resonance imaging. He illustrated the innovative potential of  integrating the data in the digital workflows for 

different procedures. Harald Essig focused on the application of digital technologies in modern cranio-maxillofacial surgery. Through a variety of case examples from carniofacial and orthognathic surgeries, he showed how 3D imaging can be implemented for preoperative planning, intraoperative quality control and patient specific osteosynthesis for precise surgical repositioning. 

Thanks to digital technologies, new dental materials are emerging to everyday dentistry. Michael Swain focused on the topic of new dental materials that are used with digital technologies and showed their advantages and future perspectives. In his presentation, Daniel Wismeijer pointed on the different new digital technologies and the combination of different materials used. He presented some drawbacks of the digital technologies and what kind of improvements are needed for faster adaptation in the future. In his informative and entertaining presentation, Enrico Steger underlined the possibilities with todays CAD/CAM technologies through a number of highly esthetic case presentations. Andreas Bindl presented about computerized restorative dentistry, with focus on intraoral scanners. He compared the accuracy of intraoral scanners and discussed their application spectrum from inlays to implant crowns as well as relevant machinable dental materials.

The scientific session was highlighted by the presentation of Werner Mörmann, who took the audience into his journey in the development of the CEREC system and showed how much he contributed to the development of CAD/CAM in dentistry. In recognition and appreciation of his distinguished achievements in digital dental medicine, Dr. Mörmann was awarded the first honorary membership of the IADDM.

The clear take home message of the outstanding scientific session is “Innovation and controversy are the forces that drive the growth of Digital Dental Medicine and that the emergence of new technologies and materials in dentistry is eminent”. We are very happy with the success of the first IADDM meeting and look forward for the next meeting, which is definitively a unique platform for a borderless and multidisciplinary collaboration between researches and dental communities interested in the future of dentistry.

IADDM Scientific Committee

First Annual Meeting of International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine


08.30 - 08.40 Welcome Adress of the President President
Prof. Dr. Dr. Jörg R. Strub, Freiburg, Germany
08.40 - 08.45 Introduction Scientific committee
Prof. Dr. Carlo Marinello, Zurich, Switzerland
PD Dr. Bernd Stadlinger, Zurich, Switzerland
08.45 - 09.25 Digital Technology, Tissue Management and Esthetics Prof. Dr. Lyndon Cooper, Connecticut, USA
09.25 - 10.05 Optimizing Esthetic Outcomes Using Digital Applications for Implant Dentistry Dr. Peter Wöhrle, Newport Beach, USA
10.05 - 10.30 BREAK
10.30 - 11.10 Three-dimensional imaging as ultimate keystone in the team approach Prof. Dr. Reinhilde Jacobs, Leuven, Belgium
11.10 - 11.50 Digital Generated Treatment Planning For Solving Complex Esthetic Dilemma Dr. Masao Yamazaki, Tokyo, Japan
11.50 - 12.30 Cad-Cam Chairside Restorations: Clinical Applications Dr. Roberto Spreafico, Bursizio, Italy
12.30 - 13.30 LUNCH
13.30 - 14.15 3D Engineering in Dento-Facial Rehabilitation Prof. Dr. Wael Att, Freiburg, Germany
14.15 - 14.35 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Digital Articulators - But Were Afraid to Ask Prof. Dr. Luigi Gallo, Zurich, Switzerland
14.35 - 15.00 Going beyond by additive manufacturing – new clinical significance of digital planning PD Dr. Harald Essig, Zurich, Switzerland
15.00 - 15.25 Are Stronger, Stiffer and Tougher Ceramics Required or Digital Dentistry? Prof. Dr. Michael Swain, Sydney, Australia
15.25 - 15.55 BREAK
15.55 - 16.40 Milling so 2014 Prof. Dr. Daniel Wismeijer, Amsterdam, Nederland
16.40 - 17.00 Tomorrow's dental technician - a digital craftsperson? ZTM Enrico Steger, Bozen, Italy
17.00 - 17.25 Computerized restorative dentistry -actual state and possibilities PD Dr. Andreas Bindl, Zurich, Switzerland
17.25 - 17.55 A perspective on the development of CAD-CAM restorations Prof. Dr. Werner Mörmann, Zurich, Switzerland
18.00 - 18.45 GENERAL ASSEMBLY

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