4th Annual Meeting 2018, Shanghai, China
May 7, 2018
5th Annual Meeting 2019, Nara, Japan
May 16, 2019
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Registration now open!

4th Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine: GLOBAL DIGITAL COMMUNICATION AND ACTION

The IADDM organising committee is pleased to announce that registration for the 4th Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine are now open.

We anticipate having another excellent time together for scientific sessions and to delight in each other’s company. Please take the time to sponsor new members and to continue to mentor them over the years so that they can have the same opportunities that we enjoyed.

We have invited renowned speakers. The list of the speakers is as follows (in alphabetical order): Dr. Kazuyoshi BABA, Japan, Dr. Domenico BALDI, Italy, Dr. Nitzan BICHACHO, Israel, Dr. Michael BORNSTEIN, Hong Kong, Dr. Marcelo CALAMITA, Brazil, Dr. Zhuofan CHEN, China, Dr. Mike CHEUNG, Hong Kong, Dr. Mirela FERRARU, Israel, Dr. Xinhua GU, China, Dr. Sebastian HORVATH, Germany, Dr. Yi MAN, China, Dr. Ricardo MITRANI, Mexico, Dr. Janghyun PAEK, Korea, Dr. Tal MORR, USA, Dr. Oliver PONTIUS, Germany, Dr. Marco RINALDI, Italy, Dr. Nelson SILVA, Brazil, MDT Enrico STEGER, Italy, Dr. Qunyi WU, China, Dr. Yibo ZHU, China

We would like to encourage you to participate in the fourth edition of IADDM Meetings and look forward to welcoming you in Shanghai.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. em. Dr. Carlo Marinello
President IADDM