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Dear friends and colleagues,

Digital technologies have spurred a fundamental and organic transformation within dental medicine. They are changing ultimately, altering what they do and how they do it. As core competencies, systems, and processes become further integrated, they will create more streamlined solutions and open the door to possibilities that were once merely pipe dreams. And as digitization works its way into various processes in the operatory and laboratory, the links between the industry’s manufacturing and service communities are evolving, crafting new processes and business models that will rev the economic engine for growth.

Having the honor as the third president of the International Academy for Digital Dental Medicine, I welcome all members as well as anyone who is interested join this unique gathering of professionals, enthusiasts, researchers, developers and novices to contemporary and future dentistry. Though still young, the Academy has succeeded to position itself as the most important landmark for science, exchange and networking in the field of digital dental medicine.

The global success of IADDM is unique. Our 4th annual meeting in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, depicted an enormous achievement. With an unprecedented scientific program, joyful social events and an attendance of more than 1200 participants, big thanks go to the program chairs, Prof. Marinello, Prof. Strub and Prof. Wang for their outstanding efforts to make the event a success story. The meeting brought generalists, specialists, students and dental technologists as well as the industry all together under one roof. Further thanks go to our sponsors and industry partners. Their big commitment and support are a perfect example of the current status and importance of pushing forward digital dental medicine.

The Academy will continue to promote the advancement of digital dental medicine. We will have our 6th edition of the International Annual Meeting of IADDM on 30. September – 1. October 2022 in Turin, Italy. Save the date and be a part of the success story of IADDM.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Dr. Wael Att
President IADDM

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